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Definition of Azoic Dyes 

Azoic dyes are an economically significant family of azo chemicals and are organic substances. Azoic dyes are artificial colors that are not found in nature. The majority of azoic dyes only include one azo group, although certain colors also contain two, three, or more azo groups. 60–70% of all colors used in the food and textile sectors are azoic. Azoic dyes are frequently used to color meals, leather goods, and fabrics. Insoluble in water and other solvents are azo pigments, which are chemically related derivatives of azoic dyes.

Classifications of Azoic Dyes 

Azoic dyes come in a wide variety of varieties, and there are numerous classification schemes. Dispersing dyes, metal-complex dyes, reactive dyes, and substantive dyes are a few of the classes. Substantive dyes, often known as direct dyes, are used for cellulose-based fabrics like cotton. Non-electrostatic forces are used to bond the colors to the fabric. Another classification for azo dyes is based on how many azo groups are present. 

Applications of Azoic Dyes

Methyl orange is a pH indicator that is frequently used for titration in analytical chemistry because it seems to change color at various pH levels. In an acidic medium, methyl orange displays pink, while in a basic medium, it displays yellow. It is typically employed in titration for acids since it discolors at the pH of a moderately strong acid. Methyl orange, in contrast to general indications, has a distinct end point rather than a complete spectrum of color shift. Methyl orange's hue shifted from red to orange to yellow when the solution's acidity decreased, but it remained red when the solution's acidity increased. The entire color change takes place in an acidic environment. 

Azoic dyes are employed in the textile industry to color textile fibers, including cotton but also silk, wool, viscose, and synthetic fibers. They are thought to be simple to operate, reasonably priced, and capable of producing vivid, clear colors.

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